automation for 3PLs

Cartage is an automation system for 3PLs and freight brokers. We automate routine, repetitive tasks so your team can focus on more critical work.

Work faster

Cartage completes tasks in minutes that usually takes teams hours.

Free up your team

We take care of routine tasks, so your team can focus on important work.

Scale without hiring

Our automations work 24/7 and scale with your company.


Automate the routine.

Cartage integrates with your email and TMS to handle routine track and trace requests, order creation and carrier check emails.


Streamline your financials.

Save hundreds of hours with fully automated accounts receivable and payable.

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Stay human.

Nothing replaces human judgement. Our automations enhance human capability, rather than replace it. Cartage automates the routine, allowing your team to focus on critical decisions.


Bespoke setup.

Our machine learning models are meticulously crafted for each client, ensuring a seamless fusion of AI automation with your specific logistical workflows.

“Working with Cartage AI has proven incredibly invaluable for Mosaic Logistics.

Their team is not only knowledgeable, cooperative and friendly but bring valuable insight to an ever changing industry.

The transition to automation was extremely easy and seamless. This collaboration hasn’t just improved our workflow but has opened doors to other opportunities to help streamline our business. We look forward to working with them more.”

Gary Marsh

Operations Manager

Put your freight operations on autopilot.

Work with us and redefine your operational potential. Experience our AI-driven platform and elevate your freight operations.